White Light Frequency Healing

  &Medical Intuitive Practice

  1. I have been practicing healing my whole life, and I became aware of it in my late twenties. That is when I started focusing on healing work. I studied with Dr. Chris Lemmon, and I became a Spiritual Minister with the Order of the Ascended Rose.

  1. One form of healing I practice is White Light Frequency Healing. I channel White Light through my body, which presents through my hands. It is a form of “hands-off” Healing. The Healing White Light is applied to the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  1. Another form of healing I practice is Medical Intuitive work, in which I look into the body’s Chakra system. I receive visuals, empathic messages, and audio information about the person’s energy field and any blocks or dis-ease therein. These sessions also reveal information about past lives that are affecting our current experience. We then perform a clearing.


    White Light Frequency Healing Process

  1. I use my Sight to see the needs of the Body, Mind, and Spirit through the Chakra system.

  2. You lie down on the comfortable treatment table. This is a form of “hands-off” Healing. The Energy comes through my Crown Chakra, and then through my hands, and then it emanates into the bodies of my clients.

  3. As a Practitioner, I am guided to the areas in the energy field of the client where healing is needed, whether it is Emotional, Spiritual, or Physical.

  4. To wrap up the Healing session, we share a discussion of your experiences along with my insights and suggestions.

    Medical Intuitive Process

  1. I use my Sight to see the needs of the Body, Mind, and Spirit through the Chakra system.

  2. When I connect to your energy, I receive visuals and audio from the Chakras (the energy centers in the body) that guide my higher self to communicate with your higher self.

  3. With your permission, we will do a healing and clearing.

  4. We replace the area of healing with new intentions and light.


  1. Emotional clearing will help identify and eliminate false belief systems.

  2. Help regain our youthful and joyful energy.

  3. Release stored emotions from both large and small trauma memories.

  4. Allow ineffective belief systems and patterns to unlock.

  5. Have more energy to explore new and exiting experiences in life, that you didn’t even know were possible.

  6. Realize a supercharged life.

  7. Reduce stress.

  8. Feel more light-hearted.

  9. Improvement of overall health.

  10. Experience an increase in focus and joy.

  11. Experience the magic of free will and higher self esteem.

  12. Take charge of your life.

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